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Finance Manager

Position Holder will manage all Finance Related processes for GetFundedAfrica; managing records, developing/implementing budgets, liaising with top management on financial planning, expenditure man...

  • Full-Time
  • Abeokuta
  • Bachelor / Masterís degree + Professional Certifications in Accounting or Finance
  • Attractive
  • Responsibilities

    1. Manage all financial records for GetFundedAfrica
    2. Plan and manage financial processes (recording, requisition, disbursement and retirement) for all GetFundedAfrica projects. 
    3. Developing and managing all budgets monthly, quarterly and yearly·
    4. Ensure due diligence with all financial documentation
    5. Prepare payment vouchers and periodic accounts. ·
    6. Liaise with all remittance bodies to ensure all required levies and taxes are paid promptly
    7. Ensure financial reports are thorough and submitted on time


    At least 3 years experience of managing multi-currency and multi-national financial models and budgeting
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