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Full Stack Software Developer

We are looking to hire a Frontend Developer to build and implement functional programs. You will work with other Developers and Product Managers throughout the software development life cycle. In t...

  • Part-Time
  • Lagos
  • BSC
  • 200,000 -300,000
  • Responsibilities

    • Developing front end website architecture.
    • Designing user interactions on web pages.
    • Developing back-end website applications.
    • Working with servers and databases for functionality.
    • Ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.
    • Ensuring responsiveness of applications.
    • Working alongside graphic designers for web design features.
    • Seeing through a project from conception to finished product.
    • Designing and developing APIs.
    • Meeting both technical and consumer needs.
    • Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages.
    • Effectively support other teams and execute other tasks assigned you
    • Any other tasks that may be assigned to you.


    1. Strong understanding of frontend languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and important aspects of frontend development like validation, responsiveness, and user experience
    2. Knowledge of either PHP or Java to an expert level.
    3. Knowledge of SQL databases with MySQL and/or PostGreSQL being preferable.
    4. Familiarity with deployment/use of cloud platforms
    5. Understanding of and ability to function appropriately in a DevOps environment


    1. Working knowledge of anyone of the following Angular, React or Vuejs and JQuery
    2. Familiarity with MongoDB or any other NoSQL database is advantageous
    3. Familiarity with CodeIgniter (PHP Framework)
    4. Familiarity with GitHub

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