Our Team

The Great Team at Getfunded Africa

Debo Omololu


What would you do if you knew you would succeed?

When he’s not enabling African start-ups, Debo can be found swimming, cycling, playing football and watching the action on Formula One tracks. He considers himself clairvoyant too.

Morakinyo David-Olurinde


We move!

Watching football, driving and hanging out with friends count as his favourite past times. Morakinyo would also make a formidable counsellor with his encouraging and listening skills.

Philip Uwumarogie

Solutions Architect

It is far easier to act your way into feeling than to feel your way into acting. Don't simply think, act!

Philips’s passions lie in dreaming, gaming and playing sports. His analytical mind makes him cape worthy.

Ugochi Silas

Staff writer/Content creator

Learn, evolve and stay ready

Outside of work, reading books, listening to music and making music through DJ duties are activities she indulges in. And Mr. Fantastic will envy Ugochi because she has the ability to stre-e-t-t-ch herself past her limits.

Mark E. Yabrifa

Media Associate

Coke? Do you know what he means by this? Is it the slogan ‘Taste the feeling’?

In his spare time, Mark finds pleasure in jogging and praying. Cool gospel music is his superpower? Does he listen to, write or produce it? Could he please clarify?

Efe Ogundowole

Head, Learning, Skills & Development

We have control over OUR choice of thoughts, attitude, beliefs, values and behaviour…we can’t control others, but we can control how we react to them.

Efe relaxes through any one or all of her hobbies – reading, dancing and travelling. Her communication skills and kindness quotient stands this shero out.

Akinlabi Omolara

Graphic Designer

The impossible is the untried.

Omolara’s diversions begin with her designation – designing – before veering off to cooking (especially new recipes), meeting people, going on adventures and cycling. Her relentless quest for knowledge makes her a certifiable wonder woman.

Modupe Odesanmi

Head, Legal & Events

Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Distraction for Modupe comes in the form of designing spaces. An intuitive mind and the gift to dream about events before they occur confirms her other-worldly status. Her middle name might very well be Josephine.

Adeyemi Adetokunbo

Digital Marketer

It can only get better when you give it a trial.

Away from work, Adeyemi creates content, blogs and engages in community service. Her creative thinking skill marks her invincibility.

Idolor Olukayode


Conventionality is refuge to the stagnant mind.

Her happy place is baking new desserts and getting lost in romantic fiction. Idolor earns her cape through her way with words, turning the mundane into captivating plots.

Diana Teoh

Head, Investor Relations

Rejection is the beginning of a journey.

Diane enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, sports, food and wine tasting events as well as coffee. Her extreme leg power puts her somewhere between the Incredible Hulk and Superman.

Nichole Letween Manhire

Media & Brand Manager

The sky is too close to be the limit.

She loves swimming, watching documentaries and movies, and is enthusiastic about start-ups. Nichole’s chatting skill is as rare as it is essential.